• What is a BOGO?
    We will do specials from time to time that have a BOGO coupon. When we do this it allows you to purchase an item and then pay only a small amount for a second item that is random and our choosing in the same category. Please know you can not choose the second item but you can leave notes that say things that you do not want (for example "no cussing", "no alcohol", "no mom or wife items") in the notes and we will do all we can to not send that type.
  • What is a Grab Bag?
    We will offer from time to time a themed grab bag. These are all fun filled and packed with lots of products but they are random and our choice. Most times there are more items than promised and they do not qualify for refunds, exchanges or credits.
  • Are you hiring?
    We are always looking for great people to join our team! Please send a complete resume to bosslady@cheekysbrand.com
  • What is waitlisted and what does it mean?
    When an item sells out of stock we allow you to waitlist them. If you choose to waitlist something then when it comes back in to stock it will send an alert and move in to cart based off of the order they were waitlisted in. You will have 24 hours to get that bought or it will move to the next person on the list. We have a new feature that does allow you to have your card charged as soon as it is restocked and you will move to front of the line and not have to wait for it to move through the carts that people are waiting on.
  • What is a Bitty Bag?
    These are surprise mystery boxes that are full of brand new products! We have a whole page that describes these that you can check out!
  • How do we pick our winners for Winner Wednesday?
    To be honest we have tried a couple of different things. Sometimes we will enter it in to a randomizer and then others we just really see someone putting in effort that is genuine and we want to reward them. We try and keep the winners new and changing all the time. You can enter to win Cheekys credits by sharing, tagging, making posts or comments with your pictures and with purchases!